Le Spose di Giò

Everything must appear natural and relaxed, but nothing have to be left to chance. A modern, seductive and essential bride is the Sposa di Giò. An inimitable style that since 1975 has dictated a new idea of bride. Far from any trivial excess, è it is the style that enhances the bride without transforming her. Born from the experience of De Capitani's sisters (Giovanna e Marisa, from which the name of Le Spose di Giò), respectively matured in the world of high fashion and design, the first atelier was opened in a small area in the centre of Monza. An immediate success, the Giò linear and clean style became straightaway trendy.

From 3300 €

Martine Toledano
Robes de mariées couture
31 rue Hôtel des Postes – 06000 NICE
04 93 80 66 53

Martine Toledano
Robes de soirée
33 rue Hôtel des Postes – 06000 NICE
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