Le Spose di Giò

A philosophy where everything should look natural and casual, but no detail should be overlooked. An inimitable style which since 1975 has imposed a new idea of ​​the bride. The style must enhance it without transforming it. Born from the experience of two sisters (Giovanna and Marisa) nourished in fashion and design, the first workshop was born in Monza, Italy. The success is immediate, the style impeccable and linear. The Le Spose di Gio brand quickly created a new trend.

From 3300 €

Martine Toledano
31 rue Hôtel des Postes – 06000 NICE
04 93 80 66 53

Martine Toledano
33 rue Hôtel des Postes – 06000 NICE
04 93 27 11 31

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